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Implantable Contact Lenses

1 Days in Hospital
7 Days in Country
1 - 2 Hrs Time Duration
USD 1750 Starts From INDIA


Implantable contact lenses (ICLs), also known as Visian ICLs, are a type of corrective lens permanently implanted inside the eye. Unlike traditional contact lenses that sit on the cornea, ICLs offer a long-term vision correction solution for people with certain vision problems.


The ICL Procedure: The ICL implantation is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure. Here's a simplified overview: Numbing: Anesthetic eye drops or local anesthesia are used to numb the area. Tiny incision: A small incision is made in the eye. Lens insertion: The folded ICL is inserted through the incision and unfolds inside the eye. Positioning: The ICL is positioned behind the iris and in front of the natural lens. Closure: The incision is self-sealing or closed with stitches.

Treatment Cost in INDIA

Implantable Contact Lenses Cost in INDIA:

Cost of Implantable Contact Lenses starts from 1750 USD & varies depends on hospital, surgeon, stay and other factors.

Who is a candidate for ICLs?

ICLs are a good option for individuals with:

Moderate to high refractive errors: These include nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism, where traditional LASIK surgery might not be suitable due to corneal limitations.
Thin corneas: If your corneas are too thin for LASIK, ICLs offer an alternative.
Dry eyes: ICLs don’t interact with the cornea like traditional contacts, potentially reducing dry eye issues.
Age: Generally, ICLs are recommended for adults over 21 whose vision has stabilized.

Benefits of ICLs:

Permanent vision correction: Unlike contacts that need daily care and replacement, ICLs are a long-term solution.
Sharp vision: ICLs can provide excellent visual quality, especially for those with high prescriptions.
Minimal maintenance: Once implanted, ICLs require minimal follow-up care.
Suitable for dry eyes: Doesn’t interact directly with the cornea, potentially reducing dry eye symptoms.
Wider range of correction: Can correct a broader range of vision problems compared to LASIK.

Recovery from ICL surgery:

Most patients experience minimal discomfort after the procedure.
Vision improvement can be immediate, but it may take a few days to fully stabilize.
Follow-up appointments are essential to monitor healing.

Important Note: These are estimates. The final cost depends on your diagnosis, surgeon’s experience, hospital facilities, and city.

The cost of Implantable Contact Lenses treatment in India starts from 1750 can vary depending on the type of treatment, the hospital, and the city. However, it is generally less expensive than in many other countries.

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FAQ - Frequenty Asked Questions

What are implantable contact lenses (ICLs)?

ICLs, also known as Visian ICLs, are thin, corrective lenses surgically implanted inside the eye. Unlike traditional contacts that sit on the cornea, ICLs offer a long-term vision correction solution.

Am I a good candidate for ICL surgery? 

* Moderate to high nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), or astigmatism.
* Corneas that are too thin for LASIK surgery.
* Dry eyes (ICLs may be a better option than traditional contacts).
* Age over 21 with stable vision.

Can ICLs correct my specific vision problems?

ICLs can correct a wider range of vision problems than LASIK. Consult an ophthalmologist to determine if ICLs can address your specific needs (e.g., high prescription, astigmatism).

What are the age limitations for ICL surgery?

Typically, ICLs are recommended for adults over 21 whose vision has stabilized.

Cost for Implantable contact lenses (ICLs) in INDIA?

Starts from 1700 USD and it will vary depending on hospital, doctor and other factors.

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