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Double Valve Replacement

5 Days in Hospital
15 Days in Country
3 - 4 Hrs Time Duration
USD 5000 Starts From INDIA


Double valve replacement surgery addresses a critical problem in the heart's plumbing system. When both the aortic valve and mitral valve on the left side of your heart malfunction, blood flow through the heart becomes compromised. This can lead to a cascade of symptoms like shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain, and even heart failure.


Double valve replacement surgery repairs two malfunctioning heart valves, typically the aortic and mitral valve. If medications fail to manage problems like stenosis (narrowing) or regurgitation (leakage), surgery is performed. The approach can be traditional open-heart surgery with longer recovery, or minimally invasive with a quicker turnaround. Two valve replacement options exist: mechanical valves lasting a lifetime but requiring blood thinners, or tissue valves quieter and not needing blood thinners but potentially needing future replacement. Following surgery, expect medication management and regular doctor visits to monitor your heart health.

Treatment Cost in INDIA

Why is it Performed?

Several factors can damage heart valves, leading to the need for double valve replacement:

Age-related wear and tear: As we age, heart valves can weaken and stiffen.
Congenital defects: Some people are born with heart abnormalities affecting both the aortic and mitral valves.
Infections: Bacterial infections can damage both valves.
High blood pressure: Chronically high blood pressure can stress both valves

Treatment Options for Double Valve Replacement:

If medications can no longer manage the valve dysfunction, double valve replacement surgery might be recommended. Here’s what to expect:

Pre-Surgical Evaluation: Your doctor will assess your overall health, medical history, and any risk factors.
Surgical Options:
Traditional Open-Heart Surgery: This involves a larger chest incision for direct access to the heart. Your doctor stops your heart and uses a heart-lung bypass machine to maintain blood flow while replacing the valves.
Minimally Invasive Valve Replacement (MAVR): This utilizes smaller incisions and may involve robotic assistance. It’s suitable for select patients based on health and anatomy.
Valve Replacement Options:
Mechanical valves: Durable, last a lifetime, but require lifelong blood-thinning medications.
Tissue valves: No blood thinners needed, quieter, but may need replacement in 10-15 years on average.

Recovery for Double Valve Replacement:

Hospital Stay: Several days for open-heart surgery, while MAVR typically allows for a shorter stay.
Recovery Time: Weeks to months for full recovery with open-heart surgery, while MAVR recovery can be faster (weeks).

How Much it Costs for Double Valve Replacement?

It depends on hospital, surgeon and other factors and cost for double valve replacement starts from 12000USD

Important Note: These are estimates. The final cost depends on your diagnosis, surgeon’s experience, hospital facilities, and city.

The cost of brain tumor treatment in India can vary depending on the type of treatment, the hospital, and the city. However, it is generally less expensive than in many other countries.

Why Choose Medical Tour INDIA:

1) Top-notch Hospitals
2) Affordable Treatments
3) India: A Healthcare Haven
4) Trusted Partnerships
5) Tailored Packages
6) Human-Centric Approach
7) Best Facilities and Equipment
8) Medical Consulting

Global Recognition: India is renowned worldwide for its excellence in the medical sector, with its medical tourism industry experiencing significant growth and remarkable outcomes in recent years.

Quality Healthcare, Affordable Prices: India’s medical tourism sector is flourishing due to its ability to offer top-notch healthcare services at reasonable costs. This factor has attracted countless individuals from various corners of the globe to seek medical treatment in India.

FAQ - Frequenty Asked Questions

I’m scared. What can I expect during surgery?

It’s normal to feel apprehensive. You’ll be under general anesthesia throughout the procedure, so you won’t feel anything. Your doctor will walk you through the specific steps involved based on your chosen surgical approach (open-heart or minimally invasive).

What kind of valves can I choose from?

Mechanical valves: Last a lifetime but require lifelong blood thinners, which means increased risk of bleeding and restrictions on certain activities.
Tissue valves: Don’t need blood thinners and are quieter, but may wear out in 10-15 years and need another surgery.

How long will I be in the hospital?

This depends on the surgery type and doctors will suggest your accordingly.

How much does it cost for Double Valve Replacement in INDIA

Surgery cost for Double Valve Replacement starts from 12000 USD and cost will be different if you choose different hospitals and cost also depends on doctor and hospital stay and other factors.

How long will it take to recover?

Full recovery can take weeks to months and dont worry doctor will suggest your accordingly.

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