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Brain Tumor Treatment & Cost in India

5 Days in Hospital
20 Days in Country
3 - 5 Hrs Time Duration
USD 5000 Starts From INDIA


Brain Tumor Treatment Options: The specific treatment for a brain tumor depends on various factors like the type, location, and size of the tumor, as well as the patient's overall health. Here are some common treatment options: Surgery: This involves removing all or part of the tumor. Radiotherapy: This uses high-energy X-rays or other radiation to kill cancer cells. Chemotherapy: This uses drugs to kill cancer cells throughout the body. Sometimes, a combination of these treatments might be used for optimal results.


Choosing the Best Treatment: A team of specialists, including a neurologist, neurosurgeon, oncologist, and radiotherapist, will determine the most suitable treatment plan based on various factors, such as: Tumor Type (benign or malignant) Tumor Size and Location Stage of Cancer (extent of spread) Patient's Overall Health Changes Made: Clearer Headings: Used more descriptive headings for each treatment type. Benefits and Risks: Briefly mentioned the pros and cons of each treatment. Surgical Techniques: Explained minimally invasive and open surgery. Decision-Making Process: Emphasized the collaborative approach to treatment planning. Overall Tone: Improved readability and flow of information.

Treatment Cost in INDIA

Brain Tumor Treatment in India: Cost and Options

This guide addresses your questions about brain tumor treatment costs and finding the best options in India.

Treatment Costs (Estimated):

– Brain Tumor Surgery: Starts from USD 5,000 to USD 7,000

Radiation Therapy: Starts from USD 3,800 to USD 5,800

Chemotherapy: Starts from USD 300 to USD 600 per cycle (depending on drugs)

Cyberknife Surgery: Starts from USD 7,000 to USD 9,000

Gamma Knife Surgery: Starts from USD 5,000 to USD 7,000

Important Note: These are estimates. The final cost depends on your diagnosis, surgeon’s experience, hospital facilities, and city.

The cost of brain tumor treatment in India can vary depending on the type of treatment, the hospital, and the city. However, it is generally less expensive than in many other countries.

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Global Recognition: India is renowned worldwide for its excellence in the medical sector, with its medical tourism industry experiencing significant growth and remarkable outcomes in recent years.

Quality Healthcare, Affordable Prices: India’s medical tourism sector is flourishing due to its ability to offer top-notch healthcare services at reasonable costs. This factor has attracted countless individuals from various corners of the globe to seek medical treatment in India.

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